SENTINEL PUBLIC RELATIONS (SPR) was founded in 1997 by Mr Mitesh M Kapadia and presently provides comprehensive services in the field of Public Relations to a wide array of clients ranging from white goods manufacturers to housing finance companies to real estate companies and hotels. Our services include Public relations planning, Media relations (media liaison, news releases, press conferences, media briefings, one-on-one Interviews, plant/site visits, news monitoring etc), Crisis Communications, Corporate Communications, Customer Communications, Newsletters etc.

Sentinel's reputation has been acquired by providing accurate and timely news and presenting it in a manner that gives clear meaning to mediapersons. Sentinel has proven itself to be an effective communicator; we have extensive experience in developing and implementing a fully integrated publicity programme including research, media relations, event management, literature production and direct mail.

Sentinel remains in constant contact with all forms of media including technology and vertical trades, general business press, broadcast outlets and online media, as well as industry and financial analysts. This continuous communication enables us to be highly attuned to immediate changes in press vehicles and the new attitudes, perceptions and interests of the media and analysts, at large. The benefit to our clients is that they don't have to explain the market to us, just their communications needs.

Sentinel believes there are five key areas which make an agency a worthy PR partner: market knowledge, media contacts, creativity, strategic approach and the people.

MISSION AND VISION STATEMENT :Building a client's reputation begins with building a reputation for oneself. We take great pride in our reputation with the print and electronic media built on integrity, accuracy, clarity, consistency, professionalism, and technology insight. A public relations agency should be a two-way bridge, positioned between clients and journalists. We believe that our principal function is to assist the flow of information for our clients, and we break this down into a four-stage principle which we call DISQ: dissemination of timely and pertinent information preceded by information gathering, strategizing and qualitative and statistical analysis. Any assignment whether of a continuous nature or on a one-off basis is performed keeping in mind the values we stand for. These values are: committed service, holistic approach, open-mindedness towards smart ideas and better solutions, swift execution to obtain optimum results, learning and improving every day and above all - honesty, integrity and ethical practices. www.publicrelationindia.com