Senyac Games is an independent game publisher founded by Al Caynes. Al is from Melbourne, Australia and grew up playing board games, video games, and and reading comics.

Al has had numerous high level finishes in professional tournaments for Dragonball Z TCG, World of Warcraft TCG, WWE Raw Deal as well as some high level finishes in Friday Night Magic (Magic the Gathering). Al grew up with the older “designer” board games such as Car Wars, Hero Quest, Talisman Timescape, Warhammer 40k “Space Hulk” and many others.

His love of card and board games has seen him develop more than a few prototype games, however as crowd funding didn’t exist, his plans for board game domination were set on the back burner.

Now that sites such as Indie-gogo and Kickstarter exist, Al has set forth to unleash his great games on the world, his first game is El Luchador Fantastico Grande. A Lucha Libre inspired Mexican Wrestling card and dice game.