The biggest challenge in being an SEO Expert is competing against each other for the best positioning on the Internet. Everyone wants to be number one, so it's actually a good thing that search engines are now weighing in additional criteria outside of just quality content. Imagine what would happen if every company had an SEO Expert, and every page was optimized exactly the same, following the most current standard for search engine optimization.

So we are proactive in helping our clients secure quality incoming links, because link development is an important responsibility of an SEO Expert. We understand the value of providing the most relevant search result, creating pages users want to link to, and most of all the value of our integrity to what we do.

Even though we compete against each other, you'll still find us in social communities, collaborating and sharing ideas. Okay, most of the time our dialog is more of an argument driven by ego. But how can you call yourself an Expert in any field without some level of ego? We are proud of our search engine rankings, and strive to provide better stickiness in the results pages by pinging RSS readers, syndicating keyword-rich content, and building relationships that result in more links.

Most of the time we have to explain what SEO is multiple times to our clients, and frequently we SEO Experts give away our strategies in order to prove that we know our way around the world of SEO. But in the end, it's our writing savy that helps us drive incredible amounts of traffic to our sites and our clients' sites.