Sequencing.com's patent pending Real-Time Personalization (RTP) technology converts genetic code into easy-to-use software code. This turns genetic data into useful information.

RTP is a web service technology that enables software applications (apps) to provide context to data.  Context refers to an app having the ability to comprehend the uniqueness and individuality of each app user. By providing an app with access to the app user's genetic information, RTP enables the app to become cognizant of each app user as a unique individual.

Empowered by RTP technology, apps can now implicitly understand whether data is relevant to the user as the data is generated in real-time. And with an app’s cognizance of the user comes the ability for the app to provide a truly personalized user experience.

RTP technology is accessible via straightforward APIs available in every popular coding language. By coding with Sequencing.com's APIs, software developers can easily add Real-Time Personalization to virtually any app on any platform, including iOS, Android and web.

Sequencing.com is an Organizational Member of the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health (GA4GH).