Serenity Reighn Therapeutic Massage is comprehensive therapy from the heart.  The mission and goal of Serenity Reighn is the treat each person individually using all available  treatment styles that will correct, improve and enhance range of motion, flexibility, quality of life, and reduce stress.

Serenity Reighn is focused on empowering  each person by educating the person on the benefits of the different types of treatment, treating the source of the pain or tension,not just the site of the pain or tension.   Maintaining established improvements and working toward optimal health through regular therapeutic massage and at home and work solutions to correct neck and pelvic posture by incorporating stretching, light exercise and increased water intake. As each person becomes aware of his or her body and how the muscles, nerves and bones function together, they are able to grasp the importance of how they can contribute to their healing and well being.