Serene Living Spaces provides home, office, and virtual organizing services. We will help you sift through your clutter, clean up, organize, and create a healthy and balanced living environment so you can lead a more enjoyable life. Serene living begins with clearing your living and work space of clutter and developing a system that will maintain this uncluttered living for a life time.

Spending hours searching for your keys or an important document causes unnecessary stress in your life. Having organized surroundings and learning strategies to maintain this organization will help eliminate a great amount of stress from your life and give you more time to enjoy living.

Organizing Steps:

-Sort (sort like items with like items)
-Purge (decide what you want to keep, throw away, sell, or donate)
-Find Homes (find where the items you decide to keep will live and organize them in that space)
-Maintain (develop strategies to maintain your new organized system)

Serene Living Spaces strives to:

-Ask the right questions to understand what a client wants and needs
-Customize organizational systems to meet client needs
-Teach and transfer basic organizing skills
-Visualize spatially and see the big picture
-Break goals down into manageable steps
-Categorize and plan ahead