Manufacturers and distributors of spill kits, oil absorbents, drip trays, and security tags

You'll find a complete line of products, including absorbent pads and security tags, available for nationwide quick delivery from drip trays to bunded spill pallets. We manufacture spill kits of varying sizes, including small spill clean-up kits to full-sized spill kits.

In situations that involve a threat of an accidental spill of any kind, our spill kits and containment products can help contain said substances. The absorbent socks, pads, and cushions in the kit will serve to contain hazardous materials such as gasoline, motor oils, and transmission fluids.

As well as security tags and anti-tamper seals, we also offer a range of styles such as plastic security seals, container bolts, and more.

You can rely on our products for a number of convenient cleaning, containment, and security solutions at work, including wipers, rags, paper products, degreasers, and drum storage bunds.