Mike Kastle is a servant of the Lord, from the United States, called to minister to unreached people in closed countries. The nature of this work requires privacy, so the name Mike Kastle is a pseudonym (pen name) so as to maintain anonymity. Throughout years of ministry, Mike observed that many of us may have a sense that God has called us to serve Him, whether this may be in full-time service or in specific and practical ways in everyday life. But, we may sometimes be unsure and ask “exactly how do I walk in this calling?” and “when do I begin?” Servants & Spies will be the first book to be released in a series by Mike Kastle. This book takes the reader on a journey, in a personal way and with action-packed adventure using real-life examples from the mission field, from the sense of God’s call to serve Him, through the unique ways He develops the ministry in and through us, to the results that demonstrate that His plan was tailor-made for us before the journey even began.