Served Fresh Media™ is blazing an unchartered path in social media coverage for large, special events including conferences, expos, award shows and entertainment events.  In addition to serving up pre-event social media buzz, Served Fresh Media’s staff of Social Media Reporters with professional journalism experience captures and reports on the ideas, the people and the raw emotion of an event using cross-platform multimedia tools and the latest, most relevant social media apps.  With a team of roaming reporters and an intuition for tapping into the pulse of an event, Served Fresh Media keeps the social media world updated and buzzing about your event in real-time with tweets, blog posts, Facebook updates, candid photos and HD YouTube video interviews with keynotes, speakers and attendees.  The end result is a highly-engaged event community sharing your event content and ideas with the world at large.  Served Fresh Media is the only go-to source for Social Media Reporting for special events.