Service Protection Dogs for World Peace was founded in 2012 by Ted and Dawn Hoppe.  The Hoppe's have spent over 20 years training and providing Service Protection Dogs, K9 Dogs and Family Protection Dogs to the General Population.  Learning about the abundance of Veterans who have PTSD and knowing how valuable Service Dogs are in the treatment of this and other neurological disorders, they have made it their mission to help Veterans and Civilians alike acquire Service Dogs.  

The Hoppe's have put together a dedicated team of staff and volunteers  who work directly with the Veterans to help them fund their dogs and support them through their journey.  They organize fundraisers and involve the Veteran's local community.  With an incredible amount of  teamwork they raise awareness and the funds needed to raise, train and give the Veteran or Civilian a new lease on life.

We encourage community involvement in the fundraising endeavors.  It not only helps with the funding but it also raises awareness and creates a support system for the people we are trying to help.

Our program Heart Songs For Veterans Heart Songs For Veterans is a human and patriotic love story.  Singers and Songwriters from Across the Nation will be partnered with Veterans with PTSD.  

Utilizing music therapy and providing an outlet to our Veterans to tell their story the songwriter and Veteran will create a song together.

Our Songwriters will tell the Veterans story in an original song & release the song through our partner Blingnot Media.  

This is a beautiful gift to the Veteran and the proceeds from the song sales will go to The Veterans at Service Protection Dogs For World Peace.  

From our Heart to yours....

To Participate as a Singer/Songwriter in this program email: info@serviceprotectiondogs.org

To Participate as a Veteran in this program (Open to ALL Veterans)

For More information on how you can be a part of making a difference in the life of a Veteran or a Disabled Individual

Contact jill@serviceprotectiondogs.org  or Call Toll Free (888) 898-7877