Born, made and tested in Las Vegas NV, the Service and Entertainment Capital of the World, whether going out for Fun, Romance or Business, our product line has been cleverly and tastefully designed to inform your server of your Service or Privacy needs.

The signs and durable two-sided wallet-sized leatherette sign holder, is portable and highly visible, making for a personal, convenient and effective way to communicate with your server while you relax and enjoy yourself!

We have designs for almost anyone and you can begin looking right away by clicking on any of the moving Lifestyle Category images below. You’ll find our designs range from sophisticated and serious to colorful and fun. Plus, for only a small upcharge, you can “Customize This Design ” by adding any name or logo to most of our designs.

Altogether, our unique Service or Privacy Personal Line of Retail Signs are package to be sold “Just for You” and also packaged for sending or giving as the “Ultimate Gift ” of Service or Privacy to a Loved One, Friend or Business Associate.