ServZoo is a web hosting company, based in New Orleans, Louisiana, with servers located in Phoenix, AZ (PhoenixNAP.) ServZoo specializes in affordable web hosting while still maintaining quality and prides itself in the ability to offer low prices and maintain non-oversold servers that are state-of-the-art.

ServZoo was founded with a few basic principles that form our mission:

-To provide the best quality of service possible in the web hosting industry.
-To treat our customers with the utmost respect and always remain transparent.
-Create a space for everyone, regardless of budget to create an online presence.
-Treat our employees like family so that they treat our customers the same way.

By living the above four principles in our day-to-day work life and in our company's core, we hope to become your favorite web hosting company! With so many choices on the market today, we know you have options and it's by going the extra mile that we hope to create relationships that last a lifetime.

ServZoo was founded in the New Orleans, LA area and is supported locally and remotely from employees across the United States and the world. We believe that empowering every employee to make decisions will enable us to take our business to the next level. Every employee at ServZoo is empowered to make decisions regarding a customer's account, issue, etc. There is usually not a need to escalate to a manager.