Setgo's primary product is Pingflux, a unique platform-agnostic analytics solution for all online gaming platforms, with support for mobile, web and even smart TV. The aim of Pingflux is to provide game developers with the best possible tools to explore and thrive within the new landscape of free-to-play business models and games with iteration post launch. Through our technology, we allow game and app developers to gain actionable insights into their user's behaviour no matter which platforms they wish to support, all accessible via a unified web based interface.

Our background also means that we want developers to be able to not only track standard social and online Key Performance Indicators but also the non-standard KPIs that are important to them and unique to their games. Our non-prescriptive rich event and custom attribute based system offers developers a great degree of flexibility and allows them to make the most out of every event they send to our hosted service.

Setgo Ltd is a UK company co-founded by 3 senior game industry veterans, formerly at Sony, who are driven by the desire to provide intelligent and innovative technology solutions for games, television and more.

Our extensive experience in creating AAA games means that we are keenly focused on the needs of the creative industries we look to support. This mindset informs our strategies for delivering technologies that are easy to integrate and accessible through a wide range of platforms.


Analytics Technology, Scalable Network Infrastructure, Client/Server Technology, Game Development