The mission of SeThInk is to inform and empower individuals to pursue their own personal & spiritual development unencumbered by outdated belief systems which limit their growth. By showing individuals their own personal power that is too often given away to “priests” or “gurus,” we strive to accelerate individual consciousness into the exciting and boundless realms of the enlightened and empowered self.

“Life’s secret lies in Comprehension rather than only in Knowledge.”
~ The Book of Dragon ~ Ciruelo
SeThInk Media breaks new ground with specific synthesized information intended to not only educate individuals,but to take them on a journey of clarification of what they already know to be true and real within the deepest parts of their souls.

Information and knowledge can only be utilized by individuals to the extent of their comprehension. SeThInk is a multi-media publishing company built around value fulfillment, regeneration/sustainability, and self-responsibility.

SeThInk operates on the principles of the Spherical Code, a new map of reality that is introduced through our publications.