Set Me Free Ministries began as a desire to see Christians put down the facade of "being religious" and truly be "real" with both Christians and non-Christians alike—the idea of a world in which Christians live by the fruit of the spirit and walk in love. Years later that desire was combined with a deep burden for women (and men) who find themselves in spiritual bondage. This bondage may be huge, such as abuse or alcoholism, or it may be what some might consider smaller, such as being a mom and struggling with coping day to day with the kids.

Set Me Free Ministries has a burden for those who need to understand that although salvation is a gift, living your life in victory takes work, and it can only be done by turning your life and will completely over to Christ. So often, we are taught that Christ can set us free, but we are not always taught how that happens. So how do we walk in victory?

Our ministry is committed to teaching people how to live victoriously on a daily basis. Our goal is to help you get everything out of life that Christ has to offer.

As a speaking, teaching, and discipleship ministry, we bring our message to you. We are available for speaking engagements of all sizes. In addition, our full event is packed with music, humor, and a message with a purpose. Better yet, we’re willing and ready to bring our event to your church at no cost.