Codemint is an academic and research website that is indebted to assisting students by way of providing them with resource materials for academic research. The research materials that codemint provides is intended to give guidelines, framework and serve as point of reference during student’s final year projects, seminars and other academic papers.
Over 12,711 project topics and materials are available on codemint having categorized the pages into departments. In other words, every academic department available on codemint is stuffed with research materials and categorized in pages.
Research materials on codemint are censored, well researched and tailored to meet the research structure for every department. Access to full material is only given students on request. Meanwhile, the project topics, the Abstract and the first chapter are always available for students use.  
As clearly stated in the disclaimer, codemint does not support academic theft or plagiarism. Students are warned against copying word for word and encouraged to do proper documentation following the guides that the research materials provide for each course of study.