What We Do!
At Gildersleeve & Associates our program is a debt solution that will help you avoid bankruptcy and fight creditor harassment.This program is a superior solution to the other debt management alternatives. The reason is simple: debt negotiation reduces your debt amount owed.

How Does OUR Debt Negotiation Program Work?
When you enroll in our program, we will immediately contact each of your creditors to make them aware that we are now representing your interests and you would like to settle your outstanding balances. We know that no two situations are the same. We look at each client’s individual needs and can determine how many months you will be part of the debt negotiation program, based on a payment plan you can afford. Reaching a settlement usually takes many phone calls and communications between us and the creditor. Once an offer has been reached, and all parties, including yourself, have agreed to the settlement amount, we will advise you on how the payments should be applied to the new amount.

Why Does Our Debt Negotiation Program Work?
Unlike other debt management options, such as consolidation or credit counseling, negotiation actually reduces your debt amount. After each of your creditors has received the agreed amount in full, you are cleared of that debt. This makes negotiation an affordable way to improve your financial situation. Gildersleeve & Associates will continue to work on negotiating all of your balances until you have finally paid off the reduced amount. We work only for our clients, not for the benefit of the creditors. Our experienced negotiators have settled accounts with creditors, banks, and collection agencies, and will work vigorously on your debts until you are debt free.
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Frequently asked questions
Do you qualify?
You may qualify for our debt management program if you:
Have credit card or any unsecured debt of $7,000 or more
Were turned down to buy a car or home
Are being harassed by bill collectors
Are overwhelmed by too much credit card debt
Pay too much in interest and late fees
You are threatened with bankruptcy, lawsuits, judgments or liens

Can I be sued?
Many times, a creditor’s legal costs alone outweigh what you owe. However, lawsuits can happen. The good news is that by keeping a good dialog with your creditors, you can avoid the need of a lawsuit.

Is this legal and ethical?
When creditors charge you exorbitant interest rates, it may be legal, but it’s also usury, which is unethical and immoral. Our legal and ethical approach has worked with thousands of creditors across the country. You have already paid too much, and you are not denying them their money. But your financial hardship requires a leveling of the playing field and we will settle your debt quickly and affability.

What happens to my credit?
Once you complete the program, your settled accounts are reported to the credit bureaus as “paid for less than the full amount” and your credit may suffer a temporary negative effect. However, your willingness to pay off your debt looks more favorable to lenders than if you were to declare bankruptcy or default on the payment. Another benefit of debt settlement is that it can ultimately improve your debt-to-income ratio, which is a component of your credit score.

What types of debts qualify?
We accept a variety of unsecured accounts – credit cards, department stores, gas cards, medical bills, finance contracts and signature loans. The best discounts are typically on credit card. Secured debts are ineligible such as mortgages, auto loans, student loans, SBA loans, taxes.

Will the Debt Settlement program stop all creditor calls?
No. Your creditors have every right to try and contact you in order to collect an amount due. However, we will provide you with the necessary tools to help stop harassing calls.

How much money should I dedicate to the program?
It depends on the amount of money you owe and the amount of time it takes you to pay off the accounts. The more money you can save in settlement funds, the faster you’re debt-free. You can even send in a tax return or increase your payment at any time.

What does this cost me?
Our firm charges 25% of what we save you, and these fees are only due as settlements are made.  For example: If you have $10,000 debt and we settle for $4,000 we saved you $6,000, our fee is $1,500 (25% of 6,000).  You are now debt free for a total of $5,500 with a  savings of $4,500.  It is that simple.  It is in our best interest to save you as much as possible.  Unlike our peers in the industry we do not charge these fees up front, they are only due as we provide you with results.