CanvasWork hand crafts canvas products for almost any application. CanvasWork’s core competency is in providing customers in the Parking, Marine and Agricultural Industry with top quality canvas and vinyl products.  CanvasWork makes parking meter hoods and bags for both single and double parking meters. We also make sign covers and specialty covers for pay stations, ticket spitters, bollards, gate arms or any custom cover.We use a 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric. This material is used for commercial awnings and boat covers.  It is colorfast and is guaranteed not to fade.  It will not mildew or stain. It is meant to stand up to the harshest weather.  This acrylic is also woven so it won’t trap moisture causing corrosion that could potentially damage what you are covering.

CanvasWork makes boat lift canopies. We offer replacement canopy covers for ShoreStation®, ShoreMaster®, FLOE, Hewitt, Newmans, Beach King and many other of the industry’s most popular boat lift and frame manufacturers.  We offer welded seams for both vinyl and acrylic fabric.

Our Agricultural products are made from the most durable vinyl and polyethylene fabrics on the market.  We manufacture seed pallet covers, barn curtains, fabric gathering doors, grain wagon covers and hay tarps.

We also offer silk screening.  All of our silk screening is custom – So we can duplicate any logo or language you would like to have on your project.  We can also do numbered projects.  Screen printing allows us to print bank bags, calf coats, meter hoods and special event apparel.

No job is too big or too small.  We pride ourselves on being a niche company. We offer fast turn around at a competitive price.  We can can contract sew and heat weld.
Our products are the best because of their superior construction.  With our bags and hoods All interior seams are made with a four-thread serger providing a more secure seam with a finished edge.  The hems of our products are reinforced with a 1 1⁄2” inch polypropylene webbing that guards against theft and vandalism. Finally we use two #2 brass grommets, front and back, for lock placement.

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