San Francisco Carnaval 2010  - “Colors Of Sound, Splashes Of Culture”

San Francisco Carnaval 2010 is California’s largest multi-cultural celebration, and one of San Francisco’s most popular and cherished traditions. San Francisco Carnaval 2010 will showcase the very best of Latin American and Caribbean cultures with a dynamic array of food, music, drumming, dancing, live music, and artistry.

The “Official Carnaval Sponsor” Designation Program is our funds development strategy, which supports our core services and operations, the Cultural Arts and Education Program and our SFCAT infrastructure.  These three funding categories, the Carnaval Arts Fund, the Cultural Arts and Education Program, and the SFCAT Endowment Fund, are the vessels that sustain our philanthropic purpose.
•     Carnaval Arts Fund, (CAF): Provides funding subsidies for the Contingents and Artists with Parade Awards and Prizes, for Float, Costumes, and the King and Queen Awards and Entertainment.
•     Cultural Arts and Education Program, (CAEP): Supports taking our CAEP into the Bay Area participating School Districts and develop new Contingents in the School Districts.
•     Endowment Fund, (EF): Our goal is to establish a One Million dollar endowment fund to support the organizational operations of SFCAT.