Strawberry Fields Forever (SFF) –

Three sisters from Santa Cruz, California –discovered music and began playing instruments in the summer of 2009. Their father wanted them to stay busy while on break from school. Kayla, 12, focused on guitar. Kaleah, 10, also learned guitar, but concentrated on developing her vocals. 9‐year‐old Miah studied the keyboard. What started as a hobby quickly grew into a deep passion, and the girls fell in love with playing and performing.

The girls practiced three hours every day that summer, and had learned a number of cover songs before their vacation ended. They decided to take on a name. The sisters had grown up in Watsonville California – "the strawberry capital of the U.S." They were fans of The Beatles and were strongly influenced by their music. Since their last name is Fields, they became Strawberry Fields Forever. Soon after adopting the name they were invited to debut at the Santa Cruz County Fair by a local radio station.

Their music filled vacation left Kayla, Kaleah and Miah with big dreams. They didn’t let the start of a new school year steal any of their momentum. Instead, they stayed disciplined. The girls began practicing before and after school. In just under a year they mastered 18 covers songs, wrote two original tracks and were street‐performing and playing at open‐mics in Santa Cruz almost every weekend. Exposure on YouTube quickly led to performances throughout California. Their progress was surprising considering their youth, but they had more than just luck and coincidence working in their favor. They had drive.

Although music was quickly becoming their life, the three sisters also managed to excel in school. As a reward, their father took them to meet G Koop. G Koop studied music theory at Berkley School of Music in Boston. He had collaborated with super‐producer Jake One on records for Young Buck and Lil Scrappy. He’s also produced records for Nelly and the legendary Chuck D of Public Enemy. Kayla saw Koop’s Gold Record on the wall and said, "One day I’m going to have one, too."

The girls were focused, determined and eager to learn anything that could improve their show or their music. “We want to follow in the footsteps of our uncle, Duke Ellington Fields Jr.,” they say. Their Uncle Duke received his masters in music from Grambling University, a historically black college. He played baritone for the University’s marching band during the pregame entertainment of Super Bowl I in the heart of the Civil Rights movement in 1967. Surely they are well on their way to making their Uncle Duke proud.
Despite how young they are, they have a diverse and sophisticated palette for music. Hip Hop, Rock and Soul icons like Aretha Franklyn, KoKo Taylor, The Beatles, Janelle Monae, Lauren Hill, The Jackson 5, India Arie, Beyonce Pink, Motown musicians and other legendary and modern artists all influence their style. But with the help of G Koop, the girls are learning to craft a sound that’s all their own.

“From here I am not sure what will happen next,” says Kayla, “but I promise to keep going.” With an endorsement deal from Daisy Rock Guitars, features in Song Spirit and Urban Magazine, and countless performances at industry as well as public events, SFF’s future looks promising indeed.
Contact information:

PH: (831) 406‐1196 Santa Cruz, CA
PH: (213) 342‐1196 Los Angeles, CA
Email: info@sffband.com