n 1990 SFS Services started cleaning window blinds in a commercial setting using an ultrasonic method.  We found the system to be efficient, yet limited.

Our goal was to develop a mobile system that could be used to clean the many kinds of window blinds.  In addition, we wanted to have a cleaning system that was versatile enough to accommodate both residential and commercial markets.

This system had to be non-complex, easily maintained, self-contained, and versatile enough to be used in all types of weather.  By 1992, we achieved our goal.

This system can clean:

Duettes (including most room darkening)
Silhouettes (except room darkening)
Vertical (most fabric louvers & vinyl)
Pleated Shades (including most room darkening)

All of the cleaning is based around one water-based solution and is performed inside the vehicles.  We use specially chosen chemicals for thorough cleaning and spot-free drying and municipally treated water for rinsing.

Our unique service enables your blinds to be cleaned and most repairs completed right outside your home, apartment, or office.

Why not let us do all the work?