The Earth Pit Cover is applied for the reason of earthing process. The Earth Pit Cover, covers the earthing electrode from being injury, which is induced due to the weather situation. Earth Pit Cover gives the total protection and the inspection point to the earthing system in the commercial as well as in the industrial sectors.

Generally Its main purpose is to cover the earthing method by protecting the earthing electrode since when electrical power get transmitted or dispersing into the grounding level via the grounding electrde rods.

Earth Pit Cover is made of high quality of raw materials which is made of HDPE/ HDPP polythelene for the additional efficient. The Earth Pit Cover (EPC) is applied to secure the earthing.

We can use several names for earth pit cover like FRP Earth Pit Cover, Polypropylene Earth Pit Cover etc. The FRP Earth Pit Cover offers a protected and user friendly obtain point for Earthing. Earth Pit Cover provides the Hi Grade Heavy Duty Polypropylene,HD PVC Chamber.

Its outstanding superior quality and very technified remarkable design helps in technically and physically to keep tough and course climate situations with the help of high quality of raw components which not only accountable for its reliabilities but also for its power and prospective and also ensures the corrosion free.

Before earth pit cover was created from cement which was heavy in pounds and required the regularly time period servicing but now a days the earth pit cover is so light in weight and very much ductile in nature, that it don't need any maintenance in such a short period. Thats why it is heavy duty and the maintenance free in character. Earth pit covers has a larger possible to get tough in all climatic conditions.

It is used as a cap of electrode, where it cover the electrode to safeguard the earthing method It has 2/4 Knockout for obtaining cable / strip. As well as it has high load keeping capacity upto 28 tonnes to manage it great performance at the time of earthing. It also posses an autolock service

The Earthing Inspection Cover or the Earth Pit cover is also recognized for its high level of successful performance. I t is ecological friendly, posses heavy duty, climate proof and chemical proof product of the polyplastic.

Thus how the Earth pit cover allows to secure the electrical earthing method at the time of electrical scattering or transmitting below the ground level via - through the electrode rods from the specific climatic adjustments.

The Advantages of EPC are :

Perfect complete.
long-term life.
UV Resistant
Its Products :

Industrial sector