SGT Ken Weichert Joins WaterRower as Director of Programming

WARREN, RHODE ISLAND – Kenneth Weichert, aka SGT Ken®, joins WaterRower as the program director, leading the effort to oversee the development and management of their rowing education for instructors and master-level coaches, trade show training team programming, and media relations.

“The entire WaterRower Team is thrilled to announce Sergeant Ken as our Director of Education,” said David Jones, Director of Sales and Marketing for WaterRower North America. “As the rowing category continues to grow, globally, so do the commercial needs for education. Sergeant Ken’s ability to create cutting-edge programming and delivery an exciting class experience will ensure rowing remains at the forefront of fitness, for many years to come.”

“To work with this amazing team is an honor of a lifetime,” said Weichert. “I’m excited to begin this new chapter and bring the next level of exercise programming to WaterRower.”

WaterRower maintains its strong history as an American fitness brand. Starting with their invention of the water-resistant rowing erg in 1988, for over 30 years WaterRower has handcrafted each rowing machine within their Rhode Island manufacturing facilities.

Each of WaterRower’s assortment of wooden and metal rowing machines are designed with their unique WaterFlywheel, providing an authentic, on-water rowing experience for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. From the first stroke, users enjoy a smooth, natural resistance and inspiring on-water sound that cannot be experienced on air or magnetic rowers.

Described by many as the “perfect exercise,” the WaterRower is joint-friendly, low-impact and relaxing to the mind, while providing a unique and challenging fitness program. It is a full-body, high-calorie burn developed to deliver increased health and exercise benefits with maximum gain and minimal investment of time.

Weichert is a highly regarded expert, award-winning international speaker, six-time U.S. Army Soldier of the Year, Master Fitness and Resilience Trainer, and creator of START Fitness® Academy. Currently, he is a leadership expert, life coach, fitness consultant, and program developer for numerous top fitness brand companies such as DYNAMAX, Hyperwear, ActivMotion Bar, Power Systems, STROOPS and TRX. He has trained over one million people through his signature program, Operation Fit to Fight.

Weichert was selected as the IDEA WORLD 2016 Fitness Instructor of the Year, a global association for fitness and wellness professionals. His other awards include the EMPOWER Fitness 2017 Inspiration Award of the Year, the Canadian Fitness Professionals (canfitpro) 2017 International Presenter of the Year, the EMPOWER Fitness 2013 Male Presenter of the Year, and the Canadian Fitness Professionals (canfitpro) 2011 Best New Presenter of the Year.

SGT Ken has been featured numerous times on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX news, and continues to serve as a host for the Fit for Duty show on the Pentagon Channel.

Weichert’s goal is to provide safe and effective fitness and resilience training to help people turn stress into strength and obstacles into opportunities.

For more information on the WaterRower or SGT Ken’s program development for the WaterRower contact: education@waterrower.com or sgtken@sgtken.com.