Welcome to ShadeStore!

The only app that allows you to shop, TRY ON and purchase Authentic Designer Eye Wear directly from your iphone!

Quick question.....Do you wear Sunglasses or Prescription Frames?

Yes?......You do??..........Good, of course you do.....so do I...

Let me ask you something else, do you want to buy the Authentic Designer Sunglasses and Frames but don't want to spend a fortune? Does a 30% - 50% discount sound good to you?

Then check out the FREE app I've spent the last few months creating called ShadeStore. It's the only app for iPhone AND Android that allows you to shop, TRY ON and purchase Authentic Designer Eye Wear directly from your phone.

Last week we did a "soft" launch of ShadeStore for iPhone only which you may have heard about or even downloaded. In just one week we had 1000's of downloads in over 40 countries!! A lot more than we expected.

We received some great feedback from users all over the world. Using their feedback we made improvements to ShadeStore and submitted an Update to Apple. While Apple was approving the Update we finalized the Android version for release. Today, the Update was approved now both final versions of iPhone and Android are Officially LIVE!

ShadeStore has all of the top brands (Gucci, Prada, Versace, Ray Ban etc.) BUT sells them at 30% - 50% off retail prices. Let me say that again....ShadeStore sells TOP BRANDS at 30% - 50% off!!

For real, no joke. But, how can they be so cheap?

Simple, the Certified Authentic manufacturers I spoke to loved my app idea so much, they ALL agreed to ship directly from their facility to your door, eliminating all overhead and middleman costs such as:

- Retail Space Leases
- Retail Staff Salaries
- Warehouse & Inventory
- Radio, Print & TV ads etc.

This overhead savings for me means MASSIVE savings to you!

Check out our TRY ON feature! How it works:

1. Take a picture of yourself using your iphone.
2. Place your favorite pair of Sunglasses or Eye Glasses Frames over your picutre to see what they will look like on!
3. Share the image on Facebook, Twitter, Text Message or Email to see which pair your friends "like" the best.
4. Purchase that same pair at 30% - 50% off directly from your iphone!

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