The Shaka Franklin Foundation is a non profit organization founded in 1990 to address the serious problem of youth suicide. Hundreds of presentations  have been given on suicide, depression & self destructive behavior to schools, youth groups, parents, teachers and professionals.  The Foundation has positively touched the lives of 1,000’s of young people across the world.

The Shaka Franklin Foundation has expanded to offer all young people opportunities to enrich their education and cultivate their creativity.  We provide a welcome protected & loving environment for children.
Shaka’s Place Youth Technology Center is located at 5929 E. 38th Ave. In Denver and is the hub for our educational and creative projects.   This 5,000 square foot center has 18 computer stations, a 21 seat theater, conference room that doubles as a classroom, video editing room, open production studio and two music/audio studios. These resources are available for youth people ages 3 through 18 to learn and enjoy.

In 2007 The Shaka Franklin Foundation partnered with Streets On Fire School of Fine Arts & Technology to upgrade its technology and activities at Shaka’s Place.  The essence of the programs today is “Character Building” through programs called “Network Of Life”.

A capital campaign is on-going for the construction of a ice rink at 51st and Broadway.  The Shaka Franklin Foundation is working to raise an additional $1 million to complete this project.
In 2007 an international branch was created to serve children in South Africa.  Under the South African branch The Shaka Franklin Foundation has “adopted” Tarlton Intermediate School making it possible for the 500 children to receive a healthy mail each day. Through a partnership with InsituDesign Architecture and the University of Colorado Graduate School of Architecture The Shaka Franklin Foundation is planning to move the overcrowded, dilapidated school across the road into a new planned educational family oriented, green community.