Shameless, the Debut Novel by Chance.

The lessons Rain Jenkins learns from a life of hard knocks enables her to make dreams come true!

Living a double life can be hard, but when your heart and very existence is at stake, it can be murder. Beaten, bruised and torn, Rain Jenkins lives in the shadows of the ones around her. Invisibility has been her comforter and friend since the age of five when she was dealt the first blow to change her life. Just a few days shy of turning nineteen, Rain makes a discovery about herself that will lead her on a journey that will not only change her life, but will turn the lives of the one’s closest to her into a whirlpool of love, pain, and brutal revelations. Can Rain prove that love is universal and worth every tear? This is what Rain will try to prove in her quest for self discovery in Shameless!

Faking My Way 2 the Top. Sequel to Shameless... Coming Soon!