As a CySEC-licensed corporate service provider, German owned and managed, Cyprus-based Shanda Consult provides resilient solutions for tax optimization based on the advantageous Directives of the EU. Shanda Consult does not just praise the advantages of tax-friendly jurisdictions such as Cyprus, Malta or Hong Kong, but considers its clients' tax situation as per the perspective of their own countries of residence.

Once a jurisdiction has been chosen as per the needs of the client and his or her business situation, the experienced team of Shanda Consult administers client companies professionally and pro-actively.

Shanda Consult helps its clients to take advantage of Cyprus or Malta as the leading tax-friendly jurisdictions within the EU, and of the territorial tax principle of Hong Kong.

With an effective taxation of only 5% (under certain conditions), Malta provides the lowest taxation for tax-residents within the EU.

Cyprus attracts businesses from all the World with its low taxation rate of only 12,5%, and only 2,5% on income from IP (IP-Box Regime).

Hong Kong's strong point as a jurisdiction for international business is its territorial tax principle, where only profit from business conducted in Hong Kong or physically goes through Hong Kong is taxed at a rate of 16,5%; profit from business not conducted in Hong is tax-exempted.

Shanda Consult also provides business consultancy, project-based investment consultancy, bookkeeping and auditing services. A special service of Shanda Consult is the provision and maintenance of substance for its clients' companies.

Shanda Consult stands for resilient and legally safe tax solutions.