Shankara Cancer Hospitals are comprehensive cancer centres located in Bangalore, Karnataka and Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital and Research Centre has emerged as a beacon of hope for cancer patients, offering comprehensive and affordable cancer treatment since its inception on August 15th, 2012. With a commitment to providing the highest quality care to all, regardless of socioeconomic background, the hospital has established itself as a leading cancer care provider. With 520 beds and a team of dedicated healthcare professionals, Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital and Research Centre has successfully treated over 70,000 patients.

The hospital prides itself on its highly skilled surgical oncologists, who perform over 350 complex surgeries every month. The Centre for Robotic Surgery has performed more than 250 robotic surgeries in less than 18 months of operations. With their vast experience, our expert medical oncologists treat over 150 patients daily, integrating the most up-to-date knowledge and practices into their treatment plans. These experts utilise cutting-edge techniques and the latest advancements in oncological care, including immunotherapy and personalised medicine, to provide the best possible outcomes for patients. The hospital's state-of-the-art infrastructure includes three linear accelerators for radiotherapy, including the HyperArc, and a brachytherapy unit, enabling our specialist radiation oncologists to deliver precise and effective treatments.

One of the distinguishing features of Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital is its commitment to providing high-quality care at the lowest possible cost. While the hospital was built through generous donations from various individuals, the Trustees and Core Committee have always prioritised the quality of facilities and equipment. The hospital's philosophy centres on ethical care, patients can trust that they will receive exceptional care without undue financial burden.

Our vision is to be an acknowledged cancer cure and research leader, ensuring that high-quality care reaches the common man. We strive to pioneer cancer cure and research through innovation and sensitivity to our environment.
Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital and Research Centre continues to make strides in cancer care, combining expertise, advanced technology, and a compassionate approach. As one of the best and most affordable cancer hospitals in Bengaluru, it is a testament to the power of dedicated individuals and communities working together to fight cancer.

Bagchi Sri Shankara Cancer Centre and Research Institute

Bagchi Sri Shankara Cancer Centre and Research Institute is the dream child of Smt Susmita Bagchi and Sri Subroto Bagchi who chose Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation to fulfil their desire of serving cancer patients in their home state of Odisha.

Sprawled across 20 acres of land in Bhubaneswar, which has been generously provided by the Government of Odisha, this modern 750 bedded state-of-the-art cancer hospital will commence services by October 2023. The construction of the OPD block is near completion and work is underway to obtain the necessary statutory clearances.

Specially designed and planned to be a comprehensive centre for cancer treatment and cutting-edge research, the centre will have separate blocks for OPD, IPD, Research and Prevention, Nursing College and a first-of-its-kind Cancer Museum. Construction of on-campus housing is also underway with quarters for doctors and hostels for nursing college students. The latest, sophisticated technology for cancer diagnostics and treatment is being procured to serve the cancer patients of Odisha.

Once the operations begin, Bagchi Sri Shankara Cancer Centre and Research Institute is expected to be one of the largest, comprehensive cancer hospitals in the country dedicated to ensuring affordable and high-quality cancer care is accessible to all members of the society irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, gender, socio-economic or education status.