Inspired Innovations LLC. is an Atlanta based firm owned and operated by Shanta L. Hereford-Sullivan, known professionally to many as "Shanta Lana". Since opening in March 2009 d/b/a Great Results Consulting, our company has offered exclusive and exceptional service to both for profit and non profit businesses. From social branding, PR/media, consulting, marketing, development, web development, fundraising, and more we work diligently with our clients to ensure that their goals are met.  In April 2010, we re-launched our entertainment business, Got Soul Entertainment Group which has taken off with skyrocketing results.  Now gaining popularity for the star quality entertainers we manage and the celebrities we book, we are continuing to expand our entertainment services to meet the demands of our worldwide and diverse clientele.  Call Inspired Innovations at (404) 749-0192 or contact via email: inspiredinnovationsworldwide@gmail.com for a free consultation and to find out how the services offered through Great Results Consulting and Got Soul Entertainment Group can help you to achieve success!