Shanti International is a charity based in United Kingdom, with a unique value proposition of not restricting the scope to just one cause. The scale of projects and fundraising events organized help them to aid and empower vulnerable people and improving their economic and social well-being internationally. The Shanti family strive to gain support through creating positive change and opportunities for people in the UK and worldwide.

Shanti’s Purpose
To drive the changes that will enable under-privileged people to understand their full civil liberties and human rights, so that they can live an independent life.

The Person
When communicating with vulnerable people, Shanti ensures that they indentify all the potential of the individual and not on their impairment.

No Limits
All under-privileged people have the right to live their life and work towards their goals without being limited by other people’s expectations or prejudices. Shanti never set limits on any person’s individual potential.

Every under-privileged person should have the right to exercise choice and control over all decisions that shape their future and have the same opportunity to education, work, building a home and social life, and access to any location or venue that other people in our society enjoy.

Shanti do not restrict to particular causes as they:
*Address the legitimate concerns of people and families living with HIV/AIDS and providing care and support services.
*Protect young girls and women from crimes like domestic violence, trafficking for flesh trade, child prostitution, child labour and other forms of exploitation.
*Provide care and rehabilitation to isolated rural families for children with special needs and disabilities.

In order to raise money for these projects we regularly organise events that are designed to bring people together that are from different backgrounds, communities and cultures. We work with a number of volunteers that have creative and fresh approaches to fundraising and organise a number of different events that range from Fashion shows, music event, sponsored activities and photography experiences.