sharedo is the single platform for all legal and is an adaptive case and matter management platform helping enterprise legal firms future proof their business in a changing legal landscape.
sharedo does the job of a myriad of software solutions and provides huge cost savings. By streamlining business processes; legal firms reduce their administrative burden to maximise the efficiency of the traditional legal firm model, but more importantly makes them incredibly agile to quickly adapt their business and services to meet the changing needs of clients.
As the only case and matter management platform built on a complex events processing engine; sharedo analyses conditions and events through the lifecycle of a case or matter and creates actions based on these; providing unprecedented levels of situational awareness and access to big data. Business owners can use this information to make precise and timely decisions; such as the ability to accurately establish fixed-fee services.
sharedo integrates with most business applications and has been designed to provide an unrivalled user experience. Each case and matter running through sharedo has its own unique journey and is defined by a combination of a firm’s best practice and clients’ unique requirements so that every client receives a personalised service that makes them happy.