Journey on Canvas invites readers to share their own journey through the venue of spiritual autobiography. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the power of spiritual autobiography, and wants to know how they can begin to share their own story, can find out more at www.journeyoncanvas.com This site is filled with practical suggestions for beginning an autobiographical journal, examples of art that is autobiographical in nature, articles on the subject of writing memoir and opportunities to share.

Journey on Canvas also contains excerpts from the spiritual autobiography titled Dancing in the Doghouse: a life changing, compelling read that encourages others to share in return. Dancing in the Doghouse is a bold voice on struggling with mental illness that’s written to reach out to those who need support and those who might want to learn more. Dancing in the Doghouse encourages readers to consider the power of their own story and gives them a place to begin theirs at www.journeyoncanvas.com: a place for people to empower themselves to share their journey.

Journey on Canvas is a place to go if you have a story to tell. You can visit and read the excerpts from Dancing in the Doghouse, by Alisa E. Clark, to get started. Her story is about many things: anxiety, bipolar disorder, codependency, manic depression, mental health, spirituality, spiritual growth, Christianity, art therapy, mental illness, recovery, sleep disorders, working the 12 Steps, depression, memoir, spiritual autobiography, sharing life stories, spiritual memoir, and the power of personal testimonies. Spiritual autobiography can be about all of these things and so much more! Journey on Canvas is a great place to see what spiritual autobiography is about for someone else: a great encouragement for beginning your own story.

Journey on Canvas can’t tell you what spiritual autobiography will mean for you. You have to figure that part out for yourself! But, it will help you get started. That’s what Journey on Canvas is for!