Lawyer Shari Rivkind, “Tata,” to her friends, always wanted to be a fashion designer. After a successful 35-year career in law, Tata decided to go to school at Parsons and become certified in fashion design.

After her first semester final, a panel of industry insiders judging the event asked Shari when she was going to start her line.  "I'm not ready" she blurted out. With the encouragement of those around her, especially her big sister, she debuted her first collection in 2018, "Farm Fresh" which advocated for buying local, photographed around NYC and NJ farmers' markets, at Grand Bazaar on the Upper West Side and was an immediate success.

Always a fashionista who favors classic clothing, modern details, and an elegant sexy look, Shari knew the type of clothing she wanted her company to sell: beautifully made quality clothing that was affordable and would last.  As a designer, Tata is insane about fit and construction with the result being clothing that makes the most out of a woman's body and always looks polished.

Tata loves history, art, travel, architecture, and literature. Each season, Tata pulls out one of her passions and will spend hundreds of hours researching the topic, whether it is Dickens' literature ("Queen Vicky" F/W 18/19), fine wine ("Mad About Wine" S/S 19), the wonders of Italy ("Postcards From Italy" F/W 19/20), Impressionist art ("Impress Me!" S/S 20), NYC ( "In a New York Minute" F/W 20/21) The French Revolution and Marie Antoinette ("Marie!" S/S 21), The Old Wild West ("Love Letters" F/W 21/22), Boats ("Aux Bateaux S/S 22) and "I Scream!" this coming Fall's nod to Ice Cream colors and Classic Horror Films!

To Shari, the best way to support sustainability is to buy clothing that is beautifully made and will hold up for years, never going out of fashion.

A big believer that one can be beautiful and smart, professional and fashionable, early on, she decided that rather than "professional" models she would use real successful women as her models. Daughter Morgan, a lawyer, is her muse and is often pictured along her friends and her younger sister Amanda! With the opening of the first store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Morgan proves she has not only beauty, but brains too, taking on the role of chief operating officer!  

Tata's message to all women is to be tireless in making your own life happen. Do the uncomfortable, find people who believe in you, work tirelessly to make your own life what you want and your dreams will come true!

Shari Tata is for the woman who loves to be noticed. Effortlessly striking.