Sharyn Atkinson has been single for twelve years—and no, she hasn’t been living under a rock and refusing to meet eligible bachelors in her hometown Melbourne, Australia. She’s just not interested in most of them, and the ones she is interested in still have their good and bad moments.

In her first book “The G.F. List: One Woman, With a List of Men, Answering the Question Singles Hate”, Sharyn Atkinson shares her roller coaster-like romantic life in an effort to show women that they’re not alone in the dating world.

Recognizing that people tend to find relationships difficult in one way or another, Sharyn wants to ensure no one ever gives up hope or settles for a semi-satisfying man. Sharing her sense of resiliency, Sharyn inspires readers to find their perfect match. After all, he might be right around the corner.

While she would love to get married and start a family, she’s not settling for anyone in the process. In The G.F. List, she tells the stories of her dating experiences—the good, the bad, and the ugly.