Shawn William Byrd is a researcher without letters. Put another way, he does not have a paper that comes from the formally recognized training used in modern schools. His unique and varied family, travels, and experiences helped create a scholar with no title. Starting with scientific and architectural studies, Shawn later added to his career the engineering and electronics skills that came to him from his lineage.

Always dealing with persons and clients of many nations, his experience with Diplomatic Officers and heads of corporations has provided a more worldly and balanced view to life. Such as was the family tradition, he became involved with government and business affairs, both as a way to support the family, but also as a form of patriotism.

After building a family and later having an awakening, he found a peaceful contentment in life at a slower pace. Shawn then turned to the spiritual side of things that he knew helped guide his life. He is an ordained minister. He has contributed to uncovering the inner workings of programs little-known (if at all) to the public. He has researched subjects such as wicca, paranormal, metaphysical, and the life-force that is all around us. He has helped design and build items that deal with the science behind what some think is magic. He is still living and learning daily.