California-born vocal beauty Shawna realized her gift for singing at the tender age of 4. Two years later, seeing Whitney Houston perform on television further inspired her. Shawna made it her goal to become a world class singer like she had seen on the big screen!

While attending a performing arts high school, Shawna began to fall in love with classical music and learned how to use her voice in a way she had never dreamed of. Classical and operatic vocal training not only gave her the chance to express herself in another realm of music, but it also helped her foster her performance as a popular vocalist.

Shawna followed this training by studying vocal performance at Pepperdine University on a voice scholarship and also by traveling abroad to Europe and South America to study both voice and other languages. This gave her the opportunity to use singing as a means to communicate across cultural boundaries. Her journey to reach people through her voice will never cease.

When listening to Shawna, you’ll hear an instrument touched by various styles and genres but rooted in her training and love for classical and opera. You will hear an incredible lyric voice that will send chills down your spine and make you cry. You will hear beautiful music through a powerful voice that is sure to stand the test of time.