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Over the past decade there has been a 400% increase of occult/Gothic themes in America . Beyond the Darkness gives you an in-depth look at how the occult is affecting our American culture. A recent Barna group study shows that 73% of all American teens have been involved in an occult activity, other than media induced. Shawn Patrick Williams brings his personal experiences, extensive research of the social and medical evidence, plus a clear scriptural foundation of how occult teachings and concepts have invaded every level of the American culture. (See “700 Club” testimony video at www.warriornations.org.)
            Almost every single North American school shooting gunman (Columbine, West Virginia Tech, Montreal, Arvada, CO) has emerged from the genre of our culture, the Gothic/occult sub-culture.
From the Gothic culture, music to media, fantasy books to video games, Beyond the Darkness covers every major trend in the past decade that has had some measure of occult influence on this generation. Shawn Patrick tells you of his own struggle of American street life and how he became involved in occult groups. He tells of the circumstances that surrounded his dark vow and how the divine intervention of the light of Jesus Christ set him free from addiction, bondage, and occult the occult.
Shawn Patrick Williams, also, conducts Beyond the Darkness workshops. In these workshops he tells his powerful testimony. The BTD workshops explain how the Gothic/occult subculture is affecting America ’s society, why the Church must engage this culture and some very practical ways how. He is an author, speaker and host of the up coming worldwide television series called “Beyond the Darkness.”
For more information, please contact Warrior Nations International Ministries, Inc. at www.warriornations.org, or P.O. Box 2352 Greenwood , SC 29646 , info@warriornations.org, or call 864-227-0508.