She Died Productions is a unique voice in entertainment, a guerrilla multimedia creative unit built around long-time collaborators Mickey Cardoni and Ionas von Zezschwitz.  Based out of Barrie, Ontario, She Died is an unfolding story of determination and creative vision, spanning a decade of original film and music productions. Cardoni and von Zezschwitz are a versatile creative team, collaborating closely on every level of production, from writing to acting, directing, composing, editing, stunts, special effects, graphic design and they each front their own bands, Mickey Moone and Sardu, respectively.

With only the money in their pockets, a few dedicated friends, and the blunt force of will, Mickey and Ionas created their debut feature film Walking Among the Dead, a bloody lo-fi zombie thriller. “If you are interested in what two talented filmmakers can do with next to no budget… check out Walking Among the Dead”, Aaron Allen (The Zed Word Zombie Blog). The film debuted July 15, 2011 to a sold out theatre of 250 rowdy hometown supporters and is now available worldwide on DVD.

To showcase the evolving cinematic talents of Cardoni and von Zezschwitz,  an unprecedented PR move, the "Pick Mick for the Rambo Prequel" campaign was devised. An original movie trailer (“John J. Rambo”) was produced starring Mickey Cardoni as young Rambo. The trailer features She Died’s vision of a prequel with explosive action sequences and stunt work. This ultimate audition tape has been viewed by thousands worldwide, and has sparked heated debate among Stallone fans everywhere.
In February 2011, Ionas and Mickey launched an ambitious weekly YouTube short film campaign. The goal was to bring a larger audience to the strange voyeuristic humour and epic scope of the She Died perspective. For 25 straight weeks, new original shorts were created. The hit of the first season was “Joe’s Cowboy Boots”, a late night TV commercial parody starring Cardoni in a bizarre character turn.  The video placed second at the Barrie Short Film Showcase, and continues to get hundreds of views monthly.  She Died wrapped up their first season by debuting their final video of the year at local arts and music festival The Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus, in front of 1200 people.
Mickey and Ionas, joined by actor Tasos Triantafillou are breaking into the global consciousness in 2013. Their vision continues to grow with a brand new YouTube season, a feature film in development, three albums in production, and a full slate of events and appearances. She Died Productions is She Died Productions; offensive to delicate sensibilities, disarming in its genuine passion.