Computer platform independent

LaserQuote works on any operating system supporting Java technology including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Works with SQL-compliant databases

LaserQuote works with several popular SQL databases, such as MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MSDE and Cloudscape/Derby. LaserQuote imposes no limits on the amount of managed data. This depends only on the capacity of the selected database.

Sheet Metal

Laserquote has been speciffically written to be a sheet metal software tool and allow all metal fabricators and laser cutting software job jobs to operate efficiently.

Multiple users

LaserQuote allows multiple users to access an application at the same time. LaserQuote imposes no limits on the number of concurrent users.conference_screen2

Document and picture data types

Documents and pictures can be stored in the database just like any other data. While pictures are automatically displayed on forms, documents can be viewed within a browser by the appropriate document editor.conference_screen2

Calendar view

LaserQuote allows displaying appointments or other time-based data in a calendar view similar to a diary. There are five separate calendar views: day, week, working week, month, and year. Users can switch between the views or create a new appointment with a single mouse click.conference_screen2

Document management

LaserQuote allows working with any type of electronic document or file. Documents can be stored, retrieved, printed, exported and saved to disk, imported from disk, attached to e-mails and viewed within a browser with the appropriate editor.

Outgoing e-mails

LaserQuote can automatically send e-mails. Rules are used to specify conditions when e-mails should be sent. E-mails can be easily personalized:conference_screen2