The Columbus bankruptcy firm Sheppard Law Offices helps people get out of debt by assisting with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings. They are also equipped to handle situations that require less dramatic solutions, such as with foreclosure defense, wage garnishments, short sales, deeds in lieu, repossessions, loan modifications and creditor harassment. With more than a decade of experience under his belt, Attorney Ken Sheppard is a capable and intelligent legal professional who also offers understanding and compassionate support throughout each part of the bankruptcy process. He is also available to answer any questions about bankruptcy or other forms of debt relief that his clients have. Life after bankruptcy, the truth about various bankruptcy myths, the benefits of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 exemptions, explanations of the means tests and information about bankruptcy alternatives are all common topics of conversation with his clients.

The attorneys at the law firm understand that no family or person wants to find themselves in this situation, but it is always better to address the problems head on than to wait for them to worsen.  Those who are having financial difficulties may be experiencing unlawful creditor harassment, such as when a collection agent calls the house repeatedly, lies or threatens, uses profanity or other abusive language, calls late at night or early in the morning or claims he or she will publicize information about the debtor and his or her debts. A Columbus bankruptcy lawyer at the firm can not only help stop this illegal behavior, but can help file a suit against the collection agency.  When this type of suit is successful, the attorney may also petition the court for compensation for attorney fees, which ensures that the family does not have to pay additionally for the creditor’s actions. Contact the office today to learn more!