Sherman College of Chiropractic offers a first professional degree program leading to the doctor of chiropractic degree. Sherman is one of just eighteen chiropractic colleges in the United States and the only one in the Carolinas. The educational program is unique in its approach to health care and known globally for producing doctors who are highly skilled in their delivery of chiropractic care. Sherman College provides students with a comprehensive chiropractic education, preparing them to become doctors of chiropractic who are compassionate, ethical and successful.

Sherman College’s on-campus Health Center, where senior students intern under the close supervision of licensed doctors of chiropractic, provides quality and affordable chiropractic care to the local community. Sherman College graduates help meet increasing consumer demands for a more natural approach to health care. Because chiropractors emphasize the importance of healthy lifestyles, chiropractic care is appealing to many health-conscious individuals. For information, visit www.sherman.edu.