She So Media is a subsidiary of F. Felder Enterprises, LLC and is owned and operated by Francheska Felder. She So Media was created with small business owners in mind, because it is often these small business owners who underestimate the value of public relations. The better your business is image, the better your business is.
Felder is a graduate of Southwest Mississippi Community College where she majored in marketing management. At the present time, she is a senior at Southern University A & M College pursuing her bachelors in Mass Communication with a focus in public relations and Marketing. She is also the founder and editor in chief of SwagHer Magazine, an online empowerment publication for women of color and the owner and blogger of Black Goddess N Love.
As one can see, Felder has an extensive background in writing, working with small business owners and artists. Her passion to help others grow their businesses while also using her creative abilities brought about the realization of a new business venture of her own, thus She So Media was birthed!