Shield Web Designs is the combined efforts of two active police officers using their knowledge and expertise to make extra money on the side, while saving small businesses money in the process. With virtually no overhead, we are able to offer the best quality work, for the lowest price – guaranteed.

Shield Web Designs is a partnership of two police officers, each very well versed in their area of expertise. One partner has extensive knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, Illustrator, Photoshop, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Java, flash and C++ and has been continuously learning and upgrading his computer skills over the last two decades. While his wife attended Nursing school, he created websites on the side to help provide for their family. Once the financial need was less severe, he resumed his usual occupation of being a full time dispatcher, and part time police officer.

The second partner attended the Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville, and graduated from the School of Business with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. While earning his degree, he became well versed in today’s business world. Immediately following graduation he attended the Illinois State Police Academy, and began work as a police officer. With their combined knowledge and expertise in modern day coding and up to date business trends, these two have come together to offer small businesses a website building service with the same integrity, fairness, and professionalism that they display while loyally serving the public.