Shikahama Co., Ltd, established in 1981, originally grew its business through micro-fabrication of metal, backed up by unique and extensive technology. Now, utilizing the technology, the company expanded its field to ingrown toenail care product business.
Our products "Makizume Robo" and "Makizume Block", and ingrown toenail correction techniques, are now tied up together as "Shikahama Method". By this method, we are very much confident that almost all symptoms of deformed toenails can be treated to relieve pain and correct its shape to which they should have been.
Our method is supported with full of evidences, which are co-developed with experts and patent/rights.
And now, not only in Japan, but people from all over the world is interested in our business. We've collected over 7 million views through our Youtube video, and our newly made website increasing its access.