Xceed DataGrid for WPF is not only the most powerful grid of its kind—with more features than any other offering—but also the fastest, with a remarkably flexible, extensible object model, and a reusable datepicker/calendar control. Xceed’s Windows Presentation Foundation grid lets you develop software that presents and lets end-users edit data in any 2D or 3D layout imaginable, such as 3D rolodex, carousel or timeline views. Traditional Outlook-style table and card views are included with the product.

Designed and developed entirely for WPF and .NET 3.0, it’s a true lookless, 100% stylable control, featuring rich in-place editing, configurable keyboard/mouse edit commands, Excel-like default key bindings, control over whether end-users can sort, group, or reorder columns, and design-time support for Visual Studio 2008. UI virtualization reduces load time and memory usage. A custom CollectionView provides fine-grained and efficient control over the grid’s underlying data source. It more than fills the void left by the “missing” datagrid component in WPF!