About Us and Why You Should Use ShinyNeedle

If you're an employer or recruiter have you gotten sick and tired of the amount of useless resumes that don't tell the full story? If your a talented individual are you sick and tired of your resume being the only thing to get you in the door? If that's the case this is the right place for you.

Welcome to ShinyNeedle: the job site that flips the whole hiring process on its head and makes it interactive. Companies and recruiters can now submit true challenges facing their business to job seekers as part of the hiring process. The job seeker can then respond and truly show how they can impact a business from day one. Get started by signing up today.
If you're looking for a job here are the steps

   Register as a job seeker
   Choose your settings and preferences
   Upload your resume to your profile
   Begin searching for jobs and challenges
   Apply to a job by answering a business challenge from an employer
   Potential employer will contact you if they are interested
   Sign back in anytime to track progress

If you're an employer

   Register as an employer
   Fill out your settings and preferences
   Tell us a little about your company
   Post your first job related challenge
   Wait for the responses from potential candidates to the challenge
   Sign back in anytime to track progress

Note: You can also seek out talent and send them messages directly
Currently free of charge to the job seeker

   Upload as many files as you want to answer a job challenge through our website.
   See Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for file upload policy.
   Store your resume on our server. See Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for file upload policy.
   Connect directly with employers and recruiters through our network.
   Send private messages through our server to professional connections.
   Receive ongoing email updates on job postings and responses.
   We search and serve up to you jobs and challenges that match your background.