Shipedge was founded in 2008 by Jose Flores and his team of expert engineers and have been developing and perfecting Shipedge as a software platform for third party logistics and fulfillment companies. Shipedge is the answer to the problem that has plagued the logistics and fulfillment world for years of having fractured software platforms that all are very good at one specific area but lacking great compatibility and integration with other areas and so the result was a messy group of different software systems that 3pls and fulfillment warehouses had to use just to be able to operate which created loss of accuracy and work efficiency by having to switch between multiple different softwares just to complete an order. In the past this may have been acceptable since there was much more time inbetween and order coming in and it having to be shipped out but with the growing popularity of eCommerce and the online world, speed as become a necessity and no longer is the loss of accuracy and efficiency acceptable. Shipedge took this problem and created an all-in-one solution for 3PLs where they could go to manage their entire operations, control inventory, and fulfill orders all from the same system. The also built an omnichannel order management system for e-commerce businesses and the 3pl's clients so that they could funnel all their different selling channels into one software platform which then transmitted those orders to the fulfillment warehouses who then efficiently and accurately were able to fulfill those orders through the same platform and then send back shipping confirmations and tracking number that the eCommerce company could then rely to their customers all in record breaking speed. Shipedge is the clear answer the the future of third party logistics and eCommerce companies alike.