The Shippeo solution is based on a simple fact : transport market actors are facing difficulties to exchange information in a fast and reliable way. The different actors of the market are therefore working in reaction to problems rather than proactively. Due to a lack of collaboration between shippers and carriers, it is today impossible to anticipate a potential delay to warn a client, nor is it possible to measure the quality of deliveries reliably.

Shippeo addresses this problem by allowing a collaborative approach between actors. Our system is transversal and allows shippers, third party logistic, and carriers to work together through one unique tool which enables them to share information efficiently and in real-time.

The solution includes a web interface to create and generate transport orders in a few clicks and a mobile app through which drivers can provide information in real time about the delivery status. Our system can be connected with most TMS/ERP softwares on the market as well as on-board telematics available in trucks to capture the delivery data efficiently.