The Shish Tandoori is the premier Indian restaurant in Aberdeen, dedicated to the Indian food lovers. The journey began in 2004 when the popular Brig Inn hotel opened its subsidiary restaurant known as “Shish Tandoori”. The hard work behind preparing an excellent menu, and then delivering the authentic taste to the people definitely made it a success not just among Indians but amongst locals also.  It offers all kinds of Indian foods what cult of Indian foods may desire.
The passion, enthusiasm, and skills of chefs and backing of Brig inn hotel definitely makes it the top 5 restaurants in Aberdeen. The restaurant can hold up to 50 guests in its ambient and intimate environment. They had a very appealing menu back then also, but now they have transformed it to make some space for new scrumptious items- so the better got best. As the name suggests, it is popular for its tandoori dishes. Some of the tandoori dishes served here are shish kebab, chicken tikka, prawn, and tandoori mix platter. Tandoori dishes are extremely healthy as most of the fat is lost during cooking. So, if you are conscious about fat concentration in foods; then tandoori could be the best meal to hang out with this Christmas season.
The variety here never ends because they keep on continuously expanding it with something new and something unique. The types of dishes you can expect on your plate are Korma, tandoori dishes, tikka dishes, biryani, and vegetarian dishes also. The way they have designed the menu from starter to main course is really mouthwatering. As you began your dinner with the starter, and then gradually sliding into the main course zone- you feel the change in excitement due to the blend of delicious tastes . If you are eager to know what is in its starter; then here it is: vegetable pakora, samosa, tikka & kebab, onion bhaji etc.
In few words, Shish tandoori is the Aberdeen best Indian restaurant with accommodation facilities in the one and only Brig Inn Hotel. If you pay a visit; then you might see it is where all the Indians residing in Aberdeen love to hang out with because of its amazing atmosphere. So, rather than stressing enough, it would be best for you to spend some time here with family or friends to feel the inexplicable experience.