3hansens3, a company base in Sweden is in the verge of the development of their mobile application for sport and practical shooters. Shooters’ Aid Elite.
The former announced today that it is raising money via crowdfunding on Kickstarter.
Creators set out to raise $10, 000 to finalize their development process of the mobile app for the intended audience
The app offers wide range of features and a user friendly interactive interface.
Key Features:
•     Data input,
•     digitalized score sheet in every event,
•     auto score calculation,
•     camera functionality for target imaging,
•     hit and score representation into target image,
•     graphing capability for performance and stats analysis, build-in shooting timer,  
•     a systematic summary of activities and can be sorted out in dates,
•     PDF/EMAIL and FACEBOOK login and posting,
•     beginners information page,
•     digitalized MARKSMANSHIP CARD (Märkesfodringskort) for beginner shooters (Sweden only) Live-Updates,
•     push notification system,
•     internal messaging/chatting system,
•     the Auction Page, which serves as a platform for users to sell second hand items and accessories, trade and buy. It will also house suppliers and manufacturers and other sellers. Same country selling and subject to licensing laws.

Shooters’ Aid Elite is going to revolutionize shooting experience of all professional and amateur shooters and will cover most disciplines in the following:

ISSF (International Sport Shooting Federation)
IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation)
USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association)
PPC1500 (Precision Pistol Competition)
including the national and local disciplines in
SvSF (Swedish Sport Shooting Federation)
SPSF (Swedish Pistol Shooting Federation)

The creators will be sending out free full version of the mobile applications to donors and backers plus an exclusive Shooter’s Aid Elite range t-shirt with logo in front and at the back is the personalize name of the donor/backer.

Read more at their website and can enter DONATIONS at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1519703002/shooters-aid-elite-mobile-app-tool-4-all-sport-sho